Friday, February 24, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of CLI and GUI

Command Line Interface (CLI) 

Advantages Of CLI 

Command Line Interface(CLI) is a user friendly interface because it can control every aspect of a computer.This interface can make and modify configuration settings.By using a command prompt you can create,update,and delete a compnent,device in a network,or any database information.It is also useful if you want to view the properties of a network device or any specified component.It is also use to control service running on your network device.This interface is also use by a programmer.Like C and C++,this is some of the languages that are using CLI.It is also useful if your computer have low RAM memory because this interface requires less memory.

Disadvantages Of CLI
The disadvantages of CLI is the interface is hard to use if you are a beginner,also cannot make fully use of pointing device,like mouse.You should also memorize all the file name to run the program.If you mis-type an instruction,it is often to start all over again.This interface may feel unfriendly to a beginner.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Advantages Of GUI
This interface is easy to use,because this interface is more in graphic,images,and icons.This interface can be user friendly and speed up the user’s work.GUI is easier to learn than the CLI because the program are easy to find you just click the icon by using a mouse.This interface can alos open multiple sessions in multiple windows and put them next to each other on the computer screen.Most of all the computer now are using GUI even in cellphones.In this interface you do not have to learn complicated commands like you do with the CLI. 

Disadvantages Of GUI
This interface take up a much larger amount of hard disk space and need more memory to run.It also use more processing power.GUI also sometimes make your computer slow.And some of the application can harm your computer hardware especially web browsers 

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